iNomado VoIP on Appstore for cheap calling


iNomado voip on iphone ipad

What is iNomado for?

iNomado makes calls via the Internet connection of your iPhone, iPod, iPad, therefore cheaper.

How to install iNomado

1) preferably first create an account on you will receive a welcome email with a username and SIP password

2) Get Appstore iNomado search and download

3) open the application and go into the Accounts tab. Click on Modify and then Enter in my ID

4) Fill the SIP username (7 or 8 digits) and password, then choose or if you have a recent account and Save

5) activate the account and return to the dialer, if the SIP button is green you can call via SIP Nomado

To use your address book and if your number format is +32, +33 or +41 … etc. .. must first go to the Settings tab, Add Prefix and then in the second choice (Add Prefix) + (or 00) and choose save


To be called

In this new version it is possible to receive calls. If you want to receive calls when the application is not launched (also called as receiving calls in background mode) you must enable the Push notification

- on the iPhone general settings

- on the iNomado itself : go to Account, click on the account and activate APNS